iPrint quick start guide

Server setup

  • Install as per the manual (automatic with a new NW 6.5 installation)
  • Make sure iManager is working and has the latest iPrint plugins installed.
  • Create NDS objects:
    • broker - stores drivers & other miscellany - 1 per NDS tree
    • print manager - the hub that makes it happen - 1 per site
    • print agent - what talks to the printers - 1 per printer - for best results, use only the Novell gateway.

Client deployment

  • Get the latest client
  • If you want the easiest, most trouble-free deployment, use iPrint policies with ZENworks. However, manual deployment via the nipp-s.exe client installer will give good results.
  • Use iprintcmd to install printers without user intervention.
  • Provide users a link to http://server:631/ipp so they can install printers by name.